Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cybermagazine - 2015-02-22

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In a first step but what's considered to be a major step, countries have decided to develop a legally-binding agreement to conserve marine life on the high seas. At the end of January countries met at United Nations headquarters in…»  Read more...
On this edition, poetry, a form of expression that can evoke all kinds of emotions from longing, to sadness, to love of course, joy, and philosophical thought. Today a little later an interesting take on a poem by one of…»  Read more...
On this edition of Politics Today RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda reviews this past week's debates over the Canadian government's proposed new anti-terrorism legislation, the report of the Parliamentary Budget Office on the cost of the Canadian military mission in Iraq, and…»  Read more...
At a meeting Thursday (February 12) in the Canadian province of Quebec Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the wearing of a niqab or any other face covering during a Canadian citizenship ceremony was "offensive". "I believe, and I think most Canadians…»  Read more...
For Canada's freight train engineers, conductors, trainmen and yardmen, it's all about safety, about getting enough sleep, and getting a rest after 10 hours of continuous work, and that's why 93% of them voted to strike if Canadian Pacific Railway…»  Read more...
Led by researchers in Edmonton Alberta, technology has shown for the first time that there are developmental differences between the brains of people who stutter and those of non-stuttering people. Deryk Beal is Executive Director at the Institute for Stuttering Treatment…»  Read more...
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