Friday, July 18, 2014

Cybermagazine - Thursday

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Friday July 18 2014 edition 


Fantasia Film Festival opens in Montreal

The Fantasia International Film Festival is coming of age in its 18th year, but lovers of genre film have been loyally supporting the event since the beginning.

Over twenty-two days and nights film-goers will be treated to some of the latest, the best, and edgiest offerings in fantasy, horror, comedy, spy-thrillers, action and even Bollywood film.


Hope rises again for the return of the Expos to Montreal

The eternal optimists, the ones who believe the return to Montreal of major league baseball is just a shore matter of time, are flapping their wings again--maybe with reason. Or maybe with eyes wide shut.


Can your DNA be used against you?

Genetic testing can reveal a lot about a person’s potential for health problems.

Health insurance companies and others want access to that personal information to determine risks, or even possibly deny coverage.

Canada’s federal Privacy Commissioner said in a statement this month that companies should not ask for such information unless they can clearly show that genetics tests ...



Anonymous donor gives Ottawa woman a second chance

Stephanie Headley collapsed after the stranger at her front door handed her a bank draft for $128,000 C.

The money will pay for a medical procedure in the United States.  The treatment is said to be the only chance the Ottawa area, single-mother of four, has of survival.

Twelve years ago Headley was diagnosed with systemic ...


Celine Dion in Montreal for a charity event, says husband is doing well

Celine Dion was at home in Quebec yesterday, for a charity event in Montreal.

A choral competition called, 'Sing for Ste. Justine', raised $827,065 for the Montreal children's hospital.

174 choirs from Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick participated by posting a video of themselves singing a Celine Dion song online, to enter the contest. ...


"Shark" marketing hoax raises ire

The video posted on youtube on July 10 and shows three men fishing off a dock at the eastern tip of Lake Ontario at Wolfe Island, near Kingston.

As one reels in a fish, a large, finned, shark-like creature looms from the water to snatch the fish.

The idea that a shark might be lurking in ...


Traffic accident insurance scams: a growing plague

In legal terms they’re called “induced collisions”

You’re driving along, when a car passes you, pulls quickly in front and brakes hard. You can’t avoid hitting the back of the other car. Suddenly, the full load of passengers comes out crying “whiplash”.

Coalition against insurance fraud: examples of staged accidents

In ...


Endangered elephants get help from BC students

A group of students in British Columbia has created a hi-tech system that is providing park rangers with a new tool to save threatened African elephants.

PhD candidate Jake Wall and his colleagues at the conservation group Save the Elephants designed a system that beams live satellite data and alerts rangers to poaching and to elephants in distress.


Transgender students score a win in Vancouver

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese in Vancouver, British Columbia has taken a significant step down the path leading to equal treatment of minorities in Canada.

The Archdiocese has ruled that transgender students in the city's Roman Catholic schools can now ask to be accommodated.

The policy was introduced this week after the family of Tracey Wilson, an 11-year-old transgender ...




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