Monday, July 21, 2014

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Sunday July 20 2014 edition  


Lifestyle: "Hickory Golf"-enjoying the past

You might one day see what looks like a scene on a golf course from 1920.  A group of men dressed in ‘plus fours”, colourful socks, maybe a tie, usually a large flat cap, or perhaps a Balmoral (Tam)

They’ll be using mashies, niblicks, brassies, and spoons in what is known as “hickory golf”.

Ken Leedham is a ...



NWT: Worst forest fire season in decades

In the Northwest territories (NWT), the wildfire season continues to get worse.

A massive fire approaches the east arm of Great Slave Lake on Saturday. Meteorolgists say they do not see much rain in the forecasts for the next ...


The mystery of Camp-X, Canada's secretive spy school

It is widely known as Camp X- but it had several other names including for example STS-103 (special training school) and Project J.

What is was though, was a training school for spies.

A new documentary by Yap Films of Toronto, is called simply Camp X, Robin Bicknell is a producer and director at Yap Films. ...


World jellyfish numbers increasing raising concerns

It’s not exactly an “alarm” but scientists are concerned about the increasing numbers of jellyfish in the world’s oceans.

Lucas Brotz has been studying jellyfish and produced a report in 2012 indicating that numbers of “jellies” were on the rise. He is a PhD student with the Sea Around Us project at the University of ...


New Canadian passport valid for longer, but has fewer pages

Canada's new passports will be valid for up to 10 years, and include an electronic chip, but they will have fewer pages, which means for frequent fliers, the passport will have to be replaced more often.

The new so-called e-Passport will have 36 pages. Right now the passport has 48.

Postmedia News journalist Matthew Fisher got stunned reaction ...




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