Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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Monday July 21 2014 edition 


Newfoundland's boom and bust

The Atlantic province of Newfoundland and Labrador is experiencing a boom and bust at the same time!  There's a population boom going on in the St. John's region.

The capital city area is busy with construction underway this summer preparing portable classrooms to accomodate school enrollment that has doubled in several school districts.

Meanwhile, in the ...


Canadian research offers new hope for blind people

Let's be honest. A great majority of us--maybe even everyone--dream of doing great things. Some of us get there. Too many of us let it all slide, caught up in rationalization, surviving and making the rent.

Greatness is not about the glory. Did Mr. Mandela and Dr. King make their sacrifices in the name of glory? Unlikely


The up-and-comer – Ningeokuluk Teevee


There’s little consensus on what the future of Inuit art will or should look like. But there’s one thing almost everyone can agree on — Ningeokuluk Teevee will certainly be part of it.

Her work has broad appeal; collectors of traditional Inuit art snap up her work depicting ancient legends while those looking for edgier northern art ...



International Space University program in Montreal for 45th anniversary of moon landing

The International Space University, runs a nine-week space studies program every summer. This year it is underway in Montreal.

Tomorrow we'll tell you more about the program and the Canadian connection that was part of creating this global initiative.


Crucifix discovered 400 years later in Newfoundland

A tiny crucifix is a big discovery in Newfoudland, as Anna Sparrow is learning.

The undergraduate student at Memorial University, in St. John's, Newfoundland, made the discovery in early July.  At Ferryland site, on the Avalon Peninsula, she had spent hours sifting through the dirt finding many pieces of broken pottery and glass.

"As ...


New data suggests Tories may be out of step with public

New public opinion research suggests that Canada's governing Conservative Party may be out of step with the priorities of many members of the Canadian public.

The findings are based on consultation with focus groups carried out the NRG Research Group in January. The research was commissioned by the federal Finance Department.

According to the study, the focus groups ...


New Terry Gilliam film will be coming to Canada

Following some initial doubt, a movie by Monty Python cast member Terry Gilliam will be shown in Canadian cinemas.

Mr. Gilliam had posted on Facebook that he had been led to understand that "Zero Theorem" was not going to be released in cinemas in Canada, only on DVD and Video on Demand.

Hours later, the distribution company handling ...


Andrei Anghel, lone Canadian on downed Malaysian jet

Andrei Anghel, a 24-year-old student from Ajax, Ontario, just east of Toronto, is believed to be the only Canadian aboard downed Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17.

His older sister, Lexi, 26 said he was always happy, and "destined for big things". She and Andrei were born in Romania and the family moved to the Ajax area ...


Deep space study of asteroid "Bennu"

It’s name is Bennu, and it’s known as a “near Earth” asteroid.

NASA is planning to send an unmanned probe, OSIRIS-Rex, that will interecept the asteroid, collect a sample, and come back to earth.




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