Friday, June 13, 2014

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Radio Canada International - Cybermagazine

Thursday June 12 2014 edition 


Changes to Canadian Citizenship Act 'unconstitutional', lawyer

A constitutional lawyer will challenge a provision of Bill C-24, introduced by the Conservatives, that would allow the government to strip Canadian citizenship from citizens born in Canada, if they are eligible or qualify for dual citizenship..

Currently, someone may only be stripped of Canadian citizenship if it was obtained through false representation. If the federal bill is passed, ...


Fossilized fish presages evolution of vertebrates

Newly-found fossil remains of a tiny tropical fish give a new perspective on the evolution of early vertebrates and eventually, dinosaurs, mammals and other creatures that have a backbone and jaw.  The Metaspriggina dates back 505 million years ago, that’s 250 million years before the dinosaurs.


Revelations of a 66 million year old forest fire

A team of researchers has uncovered traces of a forest fire 66 million years ago, and along with it the forest plants before and after the fire.

The research team from was guided by Hans Larsson, associate professor at the Redpath Museum at McGill University in Montreal and Canada Research Chair in Macroevolution.



Toronto’s streetcars: brand new and… uncomfortable

Toronto’s new streetcars have many exciting cool features, but plenty of leg room for passengers isn’t one of them.

The "Red Rockets", as they are sometimes called, will only start to roll out at the end of August, but on Wednesday, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) invited some citizens for a test ride.

In spite of the many upgrades, ...


Montreal festivals- noise battle looming

Summer in the city and in Montreal that means several outdoor festivals.

Unfortunately for some in and near the city, that means loud, very loud music.

One of the big venues is situated on a small island in the St Lawrence between Montreal, and right next to the town of St Lambert on the south shore. ...


Canadian estate may not go to US white supremacist group

Before he died 10 years ago, retired New Brunswick chemistry professor Robert Harry McCorkill willed his estate to a US white supremacist group, the National Alliance (NA)

McCorkill was recruited into the National Alliance in 1998. He later lived at the group’s hilltop compound in West Virginia, where he edited the final book written by its founder ...


Opposition rejects charges of improper spending

A pitched battle has begun in Canada’s Parliament with the official opposition New Democratic Party members vowing to fight charges they improperly used free mailing privileges.

NDP House Leader Peter Julian charged the decision was from a highly-partisan, Conservative-dominated “kangaroo court.” © 


Canada’s Immigration Minister hangs up when asked about Syrian refugees

Canada’s Immigration Minister Chris Alexander hung up when a radio host asked him some tough questions about Syrian refugees on Wednesday.

Carol Off, host of CBC Radio’s As It Happens wanted to know how many of the 200 government-sponsored refugees from Syria are actually in Canada now. At first, Chris Alexander said he had to go to question period. ...


Pilot project to close Montreal bars later nixed

Montreal is considered to be a party town, but there are limits and they will remain.

The government agency that controls the sale of alcohol in the province of Quebec has vetoed a plan by the mayor of Montreal to try out a later closing time for bars. As it is, bars in that city close at 3am, later ...




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