Monday, June 23, 2014

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Sunday June 22 2014 edition  


Beerology: Mirella Amato -Master Cicerone

This week, pull up a chair and pour yourself a cool refreshing beer.

To do it right, and to learn more about this wonderful ages old invention Canadian Mirella Amato has all the tips.  She should, she is Canada's only "master certified cicerone" the beer equivalent of a top wine sommelier.


Consultants help parents get babies to sleep

Canadian parents often complain they have a hard time getting their babies to sleep and to sleep right through the night. This can disrupt parents' lives and make them quite miserable. Adults rarely live with their own parents or extended families, and may lack the advice of more experienced family members.


Politics Today - June 22, 2014

On this edition of Politics Today RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda reports on a raucous last week in Canada's House of Commons before Members of Parliament adjourned Friday for the summer break. They return on September 15.

This past week saw the government announcing a major economic resource decision on the Endbrige Northern Gateway oil pipeline project, reforms of the ...



Canadian man fighting with ISIS, threatens Canada

Farah Mohamed Shirdon of the western city of Calgary is fighting overseas with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), reports the public

Damian Clairmont was killed by rebel infighting in Syria in 2012. © CBC

broadcaster ...


New medical innovation for extremely delicate surgeries

Spinal and other delicate surgeries require absolute precision, such as when placing screws and support rods in the spine. A new invention greatly improves on surgeons ability to achieve that precision.

Dr Victor Yang is Canada Research Chair in Bio-photonics and bio-engineering at Ryerson University,  and senior scientist in the Brain and physical Sciences at Sunnybrook Research Institute and ...


Noisy voracious US invader on Canada's west coast

This month a carpenter on Vancouver Island off Canada’s west coast got a bit of surprise.

While dragging his fishing line in a muddy pond near Port Alberni, he snagged onto something heavy.

Lifting it the surface he found he’d snagged a large frog, a very large frog. Intrigued and surprised, but not knowing what it was, he ...


Doctors protest ‘inhumane’ refugee health care cut

Doctors organized protests in 17 Canadians cities to denounce the government’s denial of free health care for many refugee claimants.  In the past, people coming into Canada and claiming refugee status were provided basic, free health care for the one to two years it would take to process their claim. In some dire cases, some ...




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