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Sunday June 15 2014 edition  


Canadians underestimate alcohol consumption

Canadians underestimate how much alcohol they drink and that hinders their understanding of the health risks and makes it difficult for health officials to plan how to avert disease and accidents, say researchers at the University of Victoria.

Scientists discovered the under-reporting by looking at what Canadians said about their consumption in a household survey and then comparing ...



Changes to Canadian Citizenship Act 'unconstitutional', lawyer

A constitutional lawyer will challenge a provision of Bill C-24, introduced by the Conservatives, that would allow the government to strip Canadian citizenship from citizens born in Canada, if they are eligible or qualify for dual citizenship..

Currently, someone may only be stripped of Canadian citizenship if it was obtained through false representation. If the federal bill is passed, ...


FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014:..and after?

Tens of thousands of fans from around the world are either already in Brazil, or are heading there for one of the world’s largest sporting events, the FIFA World Cup of football (soccer), which begins tomorrow.

This time however, the level of controversy surrounding such a major international sports events is much greater then ever before.

Vijay Setlur ...


RCMP funeral for the 3 officers killed in Moncton shootings

The funeral for the three RCMP officers killed last week in Moncton, New Brunswick took place today.

Doug Larche, age 40, David Ross, 32, and Fabrice Gevaudan, 45, were laid to rest in a ceremony that began with a procession through the city to the Coliseum where over seven thousand mourners gathered.

The three officers ...


"Bloomsday' preparations underway

Bloomsday, is described now as an international literary event.  It will be celebrated in more than 60 cities around the world this coming weekend, culminating in the June 16th commemoration of Leopold Bloom's wandering around Dublin.

It all began in the novel, 'Ulysses', written by James Joyce.  Published in Paris in 1922 to disparaging reviews, 'Ulysses' is ...




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