Monday, May 5, 2014

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Sunday May 4 2014 edition  


Swaddling babies poses risk, but no proven benefit

Babies are not often swaddled in Canada and other western countries, unless it is in done by parents who come from places where the practice is traditional. Some parents say babies sleep better and longer when they are wrapped tightly, but there is no scientific proof of any benefits of swaddling. However there is research which suggests there are ...


Politics Today - March 23, 2014

On this edition of Politics Today RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda reports on the surprise resignation of Canada's Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, a Supreme Court decision involving the appointment of a new justice by Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the resignation of the premier of Canada's oil-rich western province of Alberta, Alison Redford, and the continuing condemnation of Russia by Canada ...



Canadian comic book celebrates May 1st, International Workers' Day

For most Canadians May 1st, is just another day in the year. And unlike people in numerous other countries, few celebrate International Workers' Day. For most in Canada and the United States, North America's alternative Labour Day, the first Monday in September, is the last holiday weekend after the summer, with a few union and labour activities scattered across ...




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