Friday, May 23, 2014

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Friday May 23 2014 edition 


Windsor Hum discovered - cross border cooperation needed now

The Windsor Hum began in February 2011.  Since that time a low-frequency rumble has haunted the citizens of south and west Windsor and the nearby community of LaSalle, on an intermittent but ongoing basis.

Windsor is the Canadian border city across the river from Detroit, Michigan.  The Ambassador Bridge between the two cities is the most travelled ...


What tree rings tell us about climate in the Arctic

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from across the North

Tree rings in the Arctic hold important information about the northern environment.

But the so called ‘divergence problem,’ that is the difference between temperatures measured by thermometers and those gauged through tree rings since the 1950s, has long been unclear.

But a


Police checks need to be checked: Canadian Civil Liberties Association

Police checks, which began as a sensible move to ensure the safety of children and vulnerable people in Canada, are becoming a standard employment practice with terrible results depending on where you live.

Take the case of Chris, a young Ontario construction worker who studied and worked hard, in the hope of being hired onto a fire department ...



From tragedy, a “Star” is born

In Quebec’s Saguenay region, a car was travelling highway 170 when a moose suddenly appeared from the roadside.

Moments after the collision, the newborn baby ...


Canada's Privacy Commissioner may review warrantless police collection of Canadians' personal data

Canada's Privacy Commissioner is considering launching a formal review into the federal police force's use, without a warrant, of personal data from telecom and Internet companies, according to a report published by the Ottawa Citizen and Halifax Chronicle Herald newspapers.

According to journalists Alex Boutilier and Paul McLeod the review comes after the RCMP officers "admitted to Parliament in April ...


School dress code, or human right?

At a high school in London, in southwestern Ontario, a teenager’s clothing choice has initiated a controversy.

Maxwell Stewart was told by his high school that the made-to-measure lycra bodysuit was inappropriate. however he's been told he can wear one ...


Penny lost, penny gained

The penny, the copper one cent piece, of Canadian currency was phased out in February 2013, as a cost-cutting measure.  It cost the Royal Canadian Mint more to make, than the coin was worth.

Jonathan Hayward © 


Politicians back to work on Monday

Members of Parliament will return to Ottawa on Monday after spending a week in their home ridings following the Victoria Day long weekend. Much work remains in the four weeks before the scheduled summer recess.


Blue whale carcasses shared between Newfoundland and Toronto

The Royal Ontario Museum will now only take one blue whale carcass back to Toronto, the other, will remain in Newfoundland, 700 kilometres from where it will be taken apart.

In a deal reached with Memorial University in St. John's, the ROM has agreed to continue with the process of dismembering and cleaning the dead ...




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