Sunday, April 27, 2014

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Sunday April 27 2014 edition  


Canada’s problem controlling antibiotic resistance

Chicken farmers in Canada will voluntarily stop injecting eggs and chicks with antibiotics to stop the rise of resistant microbes that threaten humans and chickens, as Marc Montgomery reported this week. The ban goes into effect May 15th and scientists say that should have happened much sooner.

Canada is a federation with national and provincial governments, ...


Book: Bumble bees of North America

This week, a bit of lifestyle  (hobbies/pastimes) mixed in with science and nature, as we speak to the co-author of a book on bumble bees.

Sheila Colla (PhD) has worked with one of the world’s leading wild bee experts at York University in Toronto and is now a biologist at Wildlife Preservation Canada.


Politics Today - April 27, 2014

On this edition of Politics Today RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda reports on Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird who is in Europe shoring up support to deal with the situation in Ukraine.

He reports on the continuing controversy over the Canadian government's proposed Fair Elections Act.

He also reports on new rail safety regulations announced by Transport Minister ...



Keeping science simple and short, (i.e. 3 minutes or less)

You’ve been working intensely for three or four years in your particular scientific field, becoming very comfortable speaking in very complicated and arcane scientific terminology to others in that field.

Now, try to explain all that technical and complex work in simple terms, easily understood by non-scientists, and you have just 3 minutes to do it.  It’s ...


Waitresses lose jobs to foreign workers

Canadian, Sandy Nelson chokes back tears as she talks about losing her long-term serving job in the western province of Saskatchewan to temporary foreign workers. Co-worker Shaunna Jennison-Yung is in the same situation.

Canadian employers have been allowed to hire temporary foreign workers since 2002, but only if there are no Canadian workers available to do the job. Foreign ...


Canada needs a green revolution: environmentalists

A global, clean energy revolution is coming to deal with climate change and Canada needs to get on board or get left behind, says Ian Bruce, science and policy manager at the David Suzuki Foundation, a leading environmental group.

The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change focuses on the changes countries ...




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