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Sunday March 30 2014 edition 


The LINK Online (Sat Mar 29, 2014)

Welcome to this edition of the LiNK Online, with hosts Wojtek Gwiazda, Marc Montgomery, and Lynn Desjardins. This week, a bitter pill for retired public service employees, a connection between common chemicals we use and autism, and the importance of sleep




Junior business group takes students to China

Canadian students interested in business careers involving China will soon visit that country on a trip organized by the China-Canada Junior Chamber of Commerce. So far fifteen students from McGill University, Concordia University and the University of Montreal have signed up for the two-week tour to Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou in early May.


Landowner confronts snowmobilers

Two people riding on snowmobiles say they mistakenly traveled on to private property and were confronted by a man with a shotgun. The incident occurred near the western city of Saskatoon last month.

Snowmobiling is a popular pastime in Canada, but many people don’t like the noise it makes. Some farmers complain it scares their livestock and can damage ...


Legal brothels for Canada?

Strip club owners in Canada say they are looking to include brothels in their operations.

The idea is being pushed due to a Supreme Court ruling in December that unanimously struck down three important segments of Canada’s prostitution laws: laws that prohibit the operation of brothels, living off of the avails of prostitution, and communicating for the purpose of ...


Pilots want stricter penalties for pointing lasers at aircraft

Small easily available laser pointers are handy, and inexpensive, but pilots say they can also easily be deadly.

People usually aim such devices at planes at night and on landing approach when they are flying low and relatively slow.
This is also one of the most critical times of flight when pilots are busy setting up for landing, usually ...




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