Sunday, March 23, 2014

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Sunday March 23 2014 edition 


The LINK Online (Sat Mar 22, 2014)

The full team is back together to host this week's show. Lynn Desjardins, Wojtek Gwiazda, and Marc Montgomery

The deadly explosion of Mt Pinatubo in ...



Truck drivers vow to continue strike at Vancouver port

Striking container truck drivers at the port in Canada's Pacific coast city of Vancouver are vowing not to return to work, even though the port and the British Columbia provincial government issued new ultimatums on Wednesday (March 19) in an attempt to end an ongoing labour-management dispute.

The truckers say the "bully tactics" aren't the answer and will make ...


Brazil food guide ‘novel,’ may help Canadians

The Ministry of Health in Brazil hopes to reduce obesity with a proposed new food guide that is simple but innovative, and very different from those of Canada and other nations. Instead of talking about nutrients, the Brazil guide talks about meals, how to make them and eat them, and it urges people to be critical of ...


Canadian researcher studies catastrophic "supervolcanos"

While mankind has experienced some massive deadly volcanic eruptions in our recorded history, Vesuvius, Krakatoa, Mt St Helen’s, and Pinatubo just to name a few, we’ve never experienced the devastation of a supervolcano.

Martyn Unsworth has spent years studying supervolcanos.  He is a geophysicist, and a professor of both physics and atmospheric sciences at the University of Alberta.


Worst and best cities in Canada to live in, 2014

Once again, a small port city on Canada’s Pacific has been placed at the bottom of the list of best places to live in Canada.

Port Alberni came in last of the 2014 list of the 201 best cities compiled by MoneySense magazine.




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