Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cybermagazine - Saturday

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Saturday February 8 2014 edition

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the LINK Online (Sat Feb 8, 2014)

The show this week is presented by Wojtek and Marc as Lynn is off today for a holiday.

Before she took the day off, Lynn left us a story to present.

“Portrait of a Negro Slave” is probably ...



Solar-furnace, built from scratch, generating great savings

It's kown as a 'pop-can solar furnace' and you can find the plans on You tube. But Randy Buchanan tweaked and tinkered and made significant improvements by enclosing it in a box, and using aluminum downspouts for the pop-cans.

With easy to obtain pieces and recycled elements like cast-off window panes Randy Buchanan built a system that even on ...


Changes to Canadian Citizenship

Canada's Citizenhip Act is undergoing some major changes.  For the first time in 35 years, the rules will be tightened, the cost is going up, and the Immigration Minister will have increased power.

Chris Alexander, Canada's former Ambassador to Afghanistan, made the announcement in Ottawa today, that as Minister of Immigration he would be overseeing ...


Scientists alarmed, Canadians concerned, by government cutbacks of science

Nearly three quarters of Canadians believe public health, safety and the environment should be the top priority of government scientific activity and 91 per cent of federal government scientists believe cuts to government science budgets will have a detrimental impact on the government's ability to serve the public, according to a new study called "Vanishing Science" released Thursday (February ...


Building a better concrete toboggan- GNCTR 2014

It sounds like a university student a “concrete” toboggan, load a few people on board and race down a steep snow-covered hill.

The Queen's University engineering team speeds down the hill in ...




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