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Lundi février 3 2014 edition

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How to rid the body of common toxins

A new book offers advice on how to avoid the worst of some 80,000 synthetic chemicals we are routinely exposed to and, when we do absorb them, how best to flush them out of our systems. The book is called Toxin Toxout and is written by two Toronto environmentalists who used themselves and friends as guinea pigs ...


Dispelling the myth that blacks are ill-suited to northern climates

Since 1995 and as a result of a motion in Canada’s parliament, February has been designated Black History Month in Canada. It has been so designated in order to recognize the contribution of black Canadians to this country inclulding such fields as science, business, sport, arts, politics, social justice, and so on.

Noted author, and lecturer, George Elliot Clarke, ...



SNC Lavalin former executives facing criminal charges

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police filed criminal charges against two former senior SNC-Lavalin executives on Friday.

RCMP Cpl. Lucy Shorey said, former executive vice-president Sami Abdallah Bebawi has been charged with fraud over $5,000; two counts of laundering proceeds of crime; four counts of possession of property obtained by crime; and with bribing a foreign ...


Arcade Fire going to Haiti to play in Carnival

Arcade Fire, the Montreal-based Canadian band, will perform in Carnival celebrations in Haiti this month.

The Grammy and Juno Award-winning musicians will play in the town of Jacmel on February 21st. It's an event that usually features local groups but Arcade Fire has been involved in Haiti for several years now.

It is the ancestral home of ...


Many Canadians hope to win the lottery to fund retirement

A recent survey conducted for BMO Financial Group, revealed some surprising results about Canadian planning for retirement.

The question of where the money will come from to fund a comfortable retirement, and how much you will need, is a complex one.  It’s been made more complex as people are living longer, and generally enjoying better health longer. Adding to ...



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