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Tuesday January 21 2014 edition

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Elite’s ‘power-grab’ a danger to the planet: Oxfam

“Wealthy elites have co-opted political power to rig the rules of the economic game, undermining democracy and creating a world where the 85 richest people own the wealth of half the world’s population,” says the development organization Oxfam. It published a report called Working for the Few which will be the basis of lobby efforts at the ...


Armoured truck crews need improved protection, says union after shoot-out

An armoured truck robbery in Toronto Monday night (January 20) has once again raised safety issues in the industry. Unifor, which represents 2,000 workers in Canada's armoured car industry is concerned by a lack of regulations, and a tendency by certain companies to reduce truck crews from three to two persons.

The incident in Toronto involved a two-person armoured car crew. The third person is usually within the truck and acts as a lookout for suspicious activity around the armoured truck.

"We are grateful that no one was hurt in this incident, but cannot be complacent that there will not be injury the next time there is a robbery," said Jerry Dias, the president of Canada's largest private sector union, Unifor.

Last year the union called on the federal Minister of Public Safety Steve Blaney to establish a task force on the industry, but has not heard from him.

The union is not only concerned for its members, but also the public. These robberies usually occur on the street or in shopping centres.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda spoke to Mike Armstrong, National Representative for Unifor, and responsible for the armoured car industry in Canada's most populous province of Ontario, where Monday night's robbery occurred.

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Foreign Ministers upbeat on Canada, U.S., Mexico partnership

U.S. Secretary John Kerry, Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, and Mexico's Foreign Secretary José Antonio Meade were upbeat on Friday (January 17) at a press conference in Washington about their three country partnership as they prepared for a leaders' summit in Mexico on February.

All three ministers emphasized the importance of the 20 year old North American ...



Bryan Adams concert in Zimbabwe faces some criticism

His concert sold out within hours in Zimbabwe, but there are some who question the presence of Canadian rocker Bryan Adams in Zimbabwe this Friday (January 24).

Globe and Mail Africa Bureau Chief Geoffrey York reported this week the concert "is being welcomed eagerly by many Zimbabweans who yearn for an end to their long isolation on the world stage. ...


“Thank an Indian” T-shirt sparks heated commentary

News reports of a teenager who work a T-shirt with a message to school have sparked animated discussions on social media about race and Aboriginal relations in Canada.

Tenelle Starr, 13, wore a hoodie proclaiming “Got Land? Thank an Indian” to her school in the western province of Saskatchewan. School officials told her to change the shirt and not ...


The best Canadian whisky announced

The 4th annual Canadian Whisky Awards event has been held in Victoria British Columbia. and announced the winners Thursday evening at the Victoria Whisky Festival.

There’s a fascination and mystique around whisky. There are websites, forums, magazines, newspaper columns all devoted to uisge beattha-lively water, or water of life, along with mentions or featured in hundreds of movies.


Leader orders review of sawmill explosion report

The people of Burns Lake deserve an explanation, says the premier of the western province of British Columbia. Premier Christy Clark ordered a review of the investigation into a sawmill explosion that killed two people and injured 20 other last January.

All Canadian provinces have boards which assure worker safety, investigate accidents and govern compensation. In this ...


Former Canadian Cabinent Minister: UFO’s and aliens are among us

A former Canadian cabinet minister has appeared on Russia’s English TV news service RT, to talk about his belief that UFO’s and aliens are real.

Paul Hellyer was a longtime federal politician and Canada’s Defence Minister during the Cold War era.in the 1960's.

In his appearance on RT late last month he told of a Cold War incident ...


Mom’s thank you note to stranger goes viral

A Canadian mother’s open letter thanking a stranger who was kind to her autistic daughter on a recent flight has gone viral. Shanell Mouland  blogs about life with her three-year-old daughter Kate.

The two were on a flight from Orlando, Florida to their home in the eastern province of New Brunswick and were seated beside a businessman. Mouland was ...




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