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Sunday January 26 2014 edition

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Robbie Burns Day: Address to a Haggis

It is January 25th. an important calendar date for those of Scottish heritage around the world.  It is the anniversary of the birthday of Robbie Burns in 1759.

Ottawa troubador and stonemason Bobby Watts recites "Address to a Haggis"


Taking fever meds can increase flu’s spread

Widespread use of medication that brings down a fever could actually increase the number of influenza cases by tens of thousands, according to a new study from McMaster University in Ontario. Flu season in Canada lasts from November to April affecting millions of people each year. It causes illness, sometimes death, and absences from work ...


Politics Today - January 26, 2014

On this edition of Politics Today RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda reports on Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's speech to the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, on the issue of provincial safety regulations in seniors' residences in Canada, and on the tribute held for former Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien to celebrate his 80th birthday and 50 years of public service.



Canada no longer world’s coldest country

Canadians pride themselves on battling cold winter weather, and cold snaps across the country this year have proven particularly challenging. So they may have been disappointed when the Globe and Mail reported today that Canada is no longer the coldest country in the world.

Apparently that was discovered about a dozen years ago by climatologists who realized that the ...


Armoured truck crews need improved protection, says union after shoot-out

An armoured truck robbery in Toronto Monday night (January 20) has once again raised safety issues in the industry. Unifor, which represents 2,000 workers in Canada's armoured car industry is concerned by a lack of regulations, and a tendency by certain companies to reduce truck crews from three to two persons.

The incident in Toronto involved a two-person armoured car crew. The third person is usually within the truck and acts as a lookout for suspicious activity around the armoured truck.

"We are grateful that no one was hurt in this incident, but cannot be complacent that there will not be injury the next time there is a robbery," said Jerry Dias, the president of Canada's largest private sector union, Unifor.

Last year the union called on the federal Minister of Public Safety Steve Blaney to establish a task force on the industry, but has not heard from him.

The union is not only concerned for its members, but also the public. These robberies usually occur on the street or in shopping centres.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda spoke to Mike Armstrong, National Representative for Unifor, and responsible for the armoured car industry in Canada's most populous province of Ontario, where Monday night's robbery occurred.

More information:
National Post - Fairview Mall armoured truck heist sees two suspects exchange gunfire with guards - here
CBC News - Shots fired in Fairview Mall armoured vehicle robbery - here
Unifor press release - Armoured car robbery shows need for improved protections - here
Unifor letter to Minister of Public Safety Steve Blaney (pdf) - here
Unifor "Armed and Safe" study (pdf) - here


Mountain pine beetle: potential destruction of the boreal forest.

The mountain pine beetle. the size of a grain of rice, but with massive numbers, has caused incredible forest destruction in western Canada and has entered the boreal forest © CBC

The Canadian federal government, through the Natural Sciences ...


Will U.S. court ruling on net neutrality affect Canada's Internet situation?

On Tuesday (January15) an appeals court in Washington, D.C. struck down a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rule regarding net neutrality which was designed to prevent Internet providers from giving preferential treatment to data from a specific provider or platform. The challenge was launched by the U.S. company Verizon.

Supporters of a open and easily accessible Internet around the ...




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