Sunday, January 12, 2014

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Sunday January 12 2014 edition


World Pond Hockey Championships

Hockey is listed as Canada’s official winter sport. But it’s much more than a sport, it’s part of our culture

In the province of New Brunswick, Danny Braun is the president of the town of Plaster Rock's, World Pond Hockey Championships.


New pesticide contaminates wetlands: study

Wetlands are being contaminated by pesticides used on fields surrounding them. © Jim Devries

Wetlands pepper the landscape in western Canada and a biologist says a pesticide is contaminating them and threatening the ecosystem. Christy Morrissey of the University ...


Politics Today - January 12, 2014

On today's edition of Politics Today RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda reports on Prime Minister Stephen Harper's week of public appearances, the appointment of a new Canadian ambassador to Israel, an official Canadian mission to India, and questions about rail safety.

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Closing of Canadian fisheries libraries alarms scientists

An effort at federal cost-cutting has marine scientists and researchers across Canada and elsewhere shocked and dismayed.

Announced last year, the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) is closing 7 of its 11 specialized libraries across the country in order to save money.

DFO officials say they are getting rid of duplicate books and research documents, and ...


Hot flashes- unique to human females

Actually the headline is a bit misleading as its virtually impossible to determine if female primates in the wild experience hot flashes, and no-one has studied it in lab situations.

That said, a new study compared seven species of primates to humans and found that it might be the case as human females are indeed unique when ...


Canada Revenue Agency to cut auditors, as domestic, international tax evasion rises

Canada's government tax collection agency, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), plans to cut auditors while at the same time acknowledging it has problems in tracking and collecting billions of dollars in unreported income from domestic and international tax evasion, according to a report by Postmedia News journalist Jason Fekete.

Under access to information legislation Fekete obtained briefing books prepared for the new Revenue ...




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