Sunday, December 15, 2013

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Sunday December 15 2013 edition


Arts: Toronto political cartoonist, and artist Andy Donato

Cartoon in regard to Canada's intention to claim the North Pole

For decades people have been either laughing, frowning, or cringing at Andy Donato’s work.  He has long been one of Canada’s most respected political cartoonists.


Dad’s diet may affect risk of birth defect

Canadian women are routinely told to be sure to eat healthy foods when they want to conceive a baby, but new research suggests men should do the same. Researchers at McGill University in Montreal have found that male mice fed a diet low in vitamin B9 or folate had 28 per cent more offspring with birth defects.

Poor nutrition, ...


Politics Today - December 15, 2013

On this edition of Politics Today RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda reports on the early start of the holiday break in Canada's Parliament.

He also deals with an incident in a House of Commons committee in which government Members of Parliament forced the committee to go off record "in camera", as well as the announcement by the postal service Canada ...



Canada Post's sales pitch tailored to justify cuts

When Canada's postal service Canada Post announced Wednesday (December 11) it would stop delivering mail to homes in urban areas it emphasized two-thirds of Canadians already don't get door-to-door service, and the use of "community mailboxes" in urban areas would be phased in over the next five years to help defray costs at the crown corporation.

In its


Canada Post to end urban home delivery of mail

Stunned disbelief was the reaction of many Canadians Wednesday morning (December 11) when their postal service Canada Post announced it would phase out home mail delivery in urban areas.

Canada Post, a crown corporation, came out with a YouTube video, and a slick document explaining how the cut in services, and turning towards community mailboxes, were a reflection ...


Canadian helps research into ancient hominids in South Africa

A Canadian university doctoral student has helped unearth fossilized bones of human ancestors from deep within a cave in South Africa.

A physical anthropologist, Marina Elliott’s studies include subjects ranging from paleontology to forensics. She studies in the Department of Archeology (Faculty of Environment) at Simon Fraser University near the major port city of Vancouver on Canada’s west coast. ...




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