Sunday, September 15, 2013

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Sunday September 15 2013 edition


Sierra supports eco-laundry detergent

Canadians throw out 134 million plastic, laundry detergent jugs every year but instead they could use a new, environmentally-friendly detergent, says the Sierra Club of Canada. A product called Dizolve is available in many countries of the world but is now gaining in popularity in Canada.

“(Entrepreneur Luc Jalbert) conceived of the idea of ...


Arts-Cowboy Poetry gathering Saskatchewan

This week on the show, a conversation about an art form that's been slowly growing in popularity for years, cowboy poetry.

Doris Bircham, poet and former organizer of the event


Politics Today - September 15, 2013

On this edition of Politics Today RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda focuses on the growing debate on religion and relgious objects that was set off by the ruling minority separatist Parti Quebecois government in the predominantly French-speaking province of Quebec.

He also covers the prorogation of the Canadian parliament (it only returns October 16) and the cancellation of the autumn ...



Canadian research discovers there's much much more to urine

When going for medical tests, patients are often asked for a urine sample. Currently, medical textbooks list only between 50 to 100 chemicals known in urine, and clinical testing for diagnostic purposes involves only six or seven chemicals.

Researchers at the University of Alberta  in western Canada have now identified up to 3,000 chemicals in our urine.  The implications ...


Charter of values would ban kippas, turbans, hijabs for public servants in Quebec

After weeks of debate and speculation, the Parti Québécois finally unveiled details about the proposed charter of Quebec values at the national assembly this Tuesday.

If adopted, the legislation would prohibit public employees from wearing kippas, turbans, burkas, hijabs and "large" crosses, while they are on the job.

“If the state is neutral, those working for the state should ...


New book 'From Demonized to Organized' makes case for unions

After years of involvement in student politics, activist, writer and musician Nora Loreto felt the role of unions in Canada was misunderstood, particularly by young people, so she wrote a book about it called "From Demonized to Organized - Building the New Union Movement".

The book will be released this ...


Royal Canadian Mint celebrates 75th anniversary of Superman

It was 75 years ago that a comic book superhero was dreamed up by Joe Shuster, a young boy from Toronto. Later, with his American collaborator, Jerry Siegel, they created perhaps the most iconic of fictional heroes..Superman.




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