Saturday, September 21, 2013

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Saturday September 21 2013 edition


The LINK Online

Welcome to another edition of our online programme.

The regular team of Wojtek and Lynn, join me Marc as we once again talk about stories that were newsworthy this week across Canada

We start out with a most disturbing story about how difficult it is to control things on the internet, and of a tragedy that ...



Tahltan First Nation protesters of coal mine project prepare for arrests

First Nation Indigenous members of a camp protesting a coal mining operation think they may be arrested this weekend.

The group of about 50 people, including women and children, is camped in the northwestern part of the Pacific coast province of British Columbia at a drill site of Fortune Minerals Limited which plans an open pit coal mine ...


Canada criticized for rejecting UN rights council recommendation on Aboriginal women

Canada's refusal Thursday (September 19) to accept the UN Human Rights Council's recommendation of a comprehensive review of violence against Aboriginal women in Canada was criticized by a number of organizations including members of the Indigenous community.

Canada's response to the Council underlined that it had accepted in whole, or in part, 122 of the 169 recommendations in Canada’s second ...


Disturbing increase in ethno-religious incidents in Quebec

Earlier this week vandals in a district of Montreal spray-painted what can be construed as hate messages on an Anglican Church and on a Turkish bath often frequented by Muslim women.

The message “ Go B (back) to your country- PQ” was spray-painted across the windows of the Hamman Andalusi & Spa.


Government claims 'bad faith' ruling of labour board is 'unreasonable' - diplomats' strike

A labour relations board "erred in law" and "rendered an unreasonable decision" when it ruled the Canadian government failed to bargain in "good faith" with striking diplomats according to a request for a review of the ruling which was sent to the Federal Court of Canada by the government.

The request was made Friday, September 13, the same day ...




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