Saturday, September 7, 2013

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Saturday September 7 2013 edition


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This week the team of Lynn Wojtek and Marc are back with you to present some of the many interesting stories covered

UNICEF ministers to Syrian refugees streaming into Iraq and other neighbouring countries. © 



Frosh video sparks outrage

A short video posted on-line has gone viral showing Canadian university students chanting about underage sex with girls without consent. The video shows orientation students leading a cheer about the sexual preferences of men at Saint Mary’s University in the eastern city of Halifax.

The university is promising disciplinary action and has ordered frosh leaders and the entire student ...


“Disappearing Palestine” ads launched in Canada

Maps of the growing Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory are on display on buses and in a transit station in Canada’s western city of Vancouver and will soon roll out in Toronto and Calgary as well. “We think it’s important that Canadians be informed about the realities of the Israeli occupation and how it’s been growing consistently over the ...


Vancouver women stage topless march for social equality and acceptance

You may or may not have noticed that Sunday was “International go Topless” day.

Women is some 40 or more cities around the world, most in North America, marched or demonstrated with bared breasts to illustrate what they say is inquality.

About 100 people, mostly women but including some men, marched through a short section of downtown Vancouver ...


Canadians' record household debt-to-income ratio, marginally lower

The government data agency Statistics Canada reported Thursday (June 20) that Canadians' household debt to income ratio had lowered for the second consecutive quarter.

In a financial note on its website Canada's largest bank RBC calls the change "a second consecutive modest decrease".

(Graph: Statistics Canada)

The ...




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