Saturday, August 24, 2013

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Saturday August 24 2013 edition


The LINK Online # 60

This week its the regular team with Lynn, Wojtek, and me, Marc.

Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper
announced Monday (August 19) that he intends
to prorogue parliament.
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We start off with a look at politics in Canada. the Prime Minister has asked the Governor-General to prorogue, ...



Montreal's World Film Festival presenting 432 films

Now in its 37th annual edition, Montreal's Festival des films du monde, theme this year is "The World is Yours!".  The festival starts on Thursday (August 22) and continues until September 2.

The festival's director Serge Losique says the festival "offers film lovers and professionals a rich program based on cultural diversity, innovation, independence and creativity. The success and ...


Fantasy reigns at Montreal anime convention

A Montreal convention last weekend drew thousands of lovers of Japanese animation and comics, many of them dressed in the style of their favourite characters. Otakuthon, as it’s called, drew 13,500 people from Canada and the United States. That was an increase in attendance of 22.7 per cent over last ...


Grizzly bear whisperer urges peaceful co-existence

Grizzly bears have been inaccurately demonized and that is dangerous, says Charlie Russell, a western Canadian naturalist who has been compared to Jane Goodall. Russell has studied bears extensively and has spent a good deal of time close to them.

After 12 years on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia studying bear behaviour, Russell now ...


Boys face porn charges in fatal bullying case

Two boys appeared in court Thursday on pornography charges in connection with the suicide of 17 year-old Rehteah Parsons last April. Her parents say she was sexually assaulted at a house party when she was 15 and a digital photograph of the alleged assault was circulated on-line and at school.

Relentless harassment and humiliation followed for months until ...




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