Monday, August 26, 2013

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Monday August 26 2013 edition


New study suggests Canadian university students might want to re-evaluate their courses

The study by CIBC World Markets, looked at university graduates and their earning level.

Economist Emanuella
Enenagor, co-auhor
of the CIBC report


It showed that higher education was still likely to result in higher incomes in a job, but that it was no longer a sufficient condition.

It ...


Olympians voice gay rights support

Opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin's anti-gay legislation is growing among Canadian athletes ahead of the next year's Sochi Olympics.

The law, adopted earlier this summer, outlaws gay "propaganda," and Mr. Putin has announced bans on demonstrations just before and during the Games.


The Printer – Niveaksie Quvianaqtuliaq

The Cape Dorset art story has been told thousands of times over. But no matter who tells it and how, the printers who actually produce the physical lithographs and stone cuts, often get left out of the narrative.

But many art experts consider these printers the unsung heros of the Cape Dorset success story.

So Eye ...



What was she thinking? Ontario woman busted after phone call.

Once in a while you just have to scratch your head in wonderment.

Police in Lindsay, Ontario, received a phone call last week from a women with an unusual request.

She had marijuana plants in a grow-op in her house and wanted the police to give her tips on how to protect them from thieves wanting to break ...


Canada joins in talks on Syria

Canada's prime minister and foreign minister held talks over the weekend with Western leaders and diplomats about the situation in Syria, where forces loyal Syrian President Bashar Assad allegedly carried out a chemical weapons attack in a Damascus suburb that killed at least 355 people.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke by phone on Saturday in separate conversations with British ...


Vancouver women stage topless march for social equality and acceptance

You may or may not have noticed that Sunday was “International go Topless” day.

Women is some 40 or more cities around the world, most in North America, marched or demonstrated with bared breasts to illustrate what they say is inquality.

About 100 people, mostly women but including some men, marched through a short section of downtown Vancouver ...


New voice is added in wireless battle

Prices for cellphone services are a hot button issue for Canadians.

Now, a conservative Canadian think-tank has waded into a fight between Canadian wireless companies and the federal government.

In a new study, the Vancouver-based Fraser Institute says if the federal government wants to provide Canadians with more choice in the wireless market place it should remove restrictions ...


Federal police restrain Chinese reporter after tussle at Canadian PM's event

The Ottawa correspondent for the Chinese People's Daily was hauled away by officers of Canada's federal police force (RCMP) after he was denied the chance to ask a question of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and reportedly grabbed a microphone.

Li Xue Jiang had been offered one of five spots in which to ask a question of Prime Minister Harper ...


After 20 years of cleanup, Hamilton, Ontario beaches look good, but are unsafe to swim in

Hamilton at the eastern tip of Lake Ontario © Google

Hamilton is nestled on the western edge of Lake Ontario, but in spite of the huge lake, swimming has long been a problem. A huge industrial area, swimming was banned in Hamilton harbor from the 1930’s due to the industrial waste and ...




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