Saturday, July 27, 2013

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Saturday July 27 2013 edition


The LINK Online 56

This edition, we take another look at some of the many interesting stories we covered this week with the regular team back at their desks, Wojtek, Lynn, and myself.

“La Uníon” Adolfo Ich’s village in Guatemala, his
murder and the rape of 11 women is at the centre
of ...



Association voices concerns about 'Salmon Confidential' film documentary

Following the posting of an interview by RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda with documentary filmmaker Twyla Roscovich about her film "Salmon Confidential" on the RCI website Tuesday (July 23), the executive director of the BC Salmon Farmers Association wrote a letter to the management of Radio Canada International expressing concerns about the interview and the documentary.


Canadian team off to Russia for World Championship in Geography

Like any world championship where one faces off against the best and brightest of other countries in a particular subject, this is a tough competition.

Every two years,  National Geographic sponsors the World Geography Championship.

But it’s not merely knowing the names of geographical features or countries, or capitals around the world.  Competitors also have to know cultural, ...


Canadian campaign says to change your world, be a little nicer to others

Canadians are generally perceived by both themselves and by others abroad, as nice, friendly and polite people.

To a greater or lesser extent, that’s probably true. Still, there’s always room for improvement. come on out and top up someone's parking meter,
give up your seat on the bus, ...


'Salmon Confidential' documentary raises disturbing questions about farmed salmon

Documentary filmmaker Twyla Roscovich thought she was just going to make a short 10 minute video on diseased salmon for a marine biologist she knew. She ended up producing a gripping 70 minute eye-opening feature documentary.

Dr Alexandra Morton

Salmon Confidential follows Dr Alexandra "Alex" Morton ...




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