Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cybermagazine - Saturday

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Saturday July 13 2013 edition


The Link Online #54

This week, with regulars Wojtek and Lynn on vacation, I'm joined by Gilda Salomone and Carmel Kilkenny..

A massive wildland fire in British Columbia in the
Okanagan in 2003. A new report says around the world
warming climate will mean more and bigger wildfires


We start off with a ...



Creator of Canada's Dance Competitions

Mona D’Amours is the driving force behind Canada’s dance competitions.  There’s one in every province now, except for Prince Edward Island.  The competitions bring together dancers in every category; from ballet to jazz, contemporary to Hip Hop, to tap and folkloric dance, the performers bring their passion and skill to these arenas.


Canadian Army will replace Maple Leaf ranks with British-style designations

Canadian officers will soon replace the Maple Leaf badges on their shoulder boards with original British Army and Commonwealth designations. The announcement made on Monday by Defence Minister Peter MacKay is part of an ongoing image makeover of the military.

"This takes nothing away from the Maple Leaf," MacKay said. "There are other places which the Maple Leaf is ...


Coca-Cola: Things are not going better in Brampton, Ontario

Coca-Cola’s latest TV ad campaign is set to the tune of Roger Hodgson’s song, “Give a Little Bit”.  It leaves viewers with an invitation to “Open Happiness”.   But for 800 employees of the soft drink company in Brampton, Ontario, happiness may be hard to come by, and giving a little bit would be welcome.

The production ...


Canadian professor created Kryptonian language for Man of Steel

After years teaching a course that examines constructed languages such as Star Trek’s Klingon and Avatar’s Na’vi, Christine Schreyer got the unique opportunity of creating a new language herself.

In 2011, the assistant professor of linguistic anthropology at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus was invited by the producers of the Hollywood movie Man of Steel to develop Kryptonian, ...




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