Saturday, June 1, 2013

Radio Prague Today 6.1.2013

Radio Prague Today

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Edgar de Bruin: conquering the world with Czech literature

With the economic crisis and countries becoming increasingly introverted, you might expect this to be the worst of all possible times for getting Czech books published abroad. But that is far from being the case. In this week's Czech Books, David Vaughan talks to Edgar de Bruin, who runs a literary agency from Amsterdam and promotes Czech writing all over the world.

Hej, hej, this is Frey

I've found myself paying increased attention to significant Czech anniversaries recently and was intrigued by one the other week: May 21st was the 132nd anniversary of the installation of the first telephone in Prague.

Magazine 1.6.2013

In Magazine: speed dating in Prague's metro, a Czech teen ostensibly drinking a pint of beer through her ear has become a hit on YouTube, an Ostrava ensemble gives an opera performance in a paternoster and Prague Zoo is offering to cure your animal phobia!

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