Saturday, June 8, 2013

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Saturday June 8 2013 edition


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Strike by Canadian diplomats spreads worldwide

After weeks of sporadic and limited work actions, Canadian diplomats have started worldwide strikes after negotiations fell apart with their employer, the Canadian government.

"After nearly two years of negotiations and a four-month hiatus in talks, the Government returned to the table with the same position they presented back in the fall of 2011," says Tim Edwards, President of ...


Bear opens truck door on video

A bear broke into a pickup truck in the western province of British Columbia on Tuesday and it was all caught on video. Rebecca Moore of Maple Ridge, B.C. says she and her husband were asleep when they heard a noise at about 5:30am.

"By the time we got out of bed, was actually inside one ...


Migratory birds affected by climate change

For the past many years in Canada, spring has been coming earlier than its historical average as the climate seems to be changing.  This year, in an even more unusual change, winter and cool weather hung on much longer than historical average.  For migratory birds who winter far away in Central and South America, an earlier, warmer spring in North ...


Fake farm masks underground marijuana grow-op

Five shipping containers modified to cultivate pot plants have been discovered underground by police on Saturday in the western province of British Columbia. Growing pot plants is illegal in Canada and there appears to be no limit to the lengths people will go to mask this lucrative enterprise.

"Each of the steel shipping containers had a doorway cut through ...




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