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Radio Prague Today 5.21.2013

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Prague city gallery brings back life and history to an Old Town palace

The City of Prague Gallery was given custodianship of the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace in Prague's Old Town a few years ago. The gallery is finally ready to open the building to the public, and possibly make it one of its main exhibition and educational sites. Radio Prague headed over to the palace to speak with the team that is working on its new appearance.

Police uncover almost one million litres of illegal alcohol

After last year's methanol affair in the Czech Republic, the police redoubled efforts in uncovering bootleg liquor. A week ago, it was confirmed Tuesday, they found three secret sites and uncovered close to one million litres of undeclared alcohol. Earlier searches at different warehouses around the country missed the hidden chambers as they were sealed underground beneath metre-thick concrete.

Baník back from brink, but what does future hold for club?

One of the Czech Republic's best known soccer clubs has just escaped bankruptcy and expulsion from the first division. In fact, for a brief period on Monday it appeared it really was curtains for Baník Ostrava. But how have the 2004 league champions found themselves in such dire straits? And what does the future hold for the club?

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