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Radio Prague Today 5.15.2013

Radio Prague Today

Articles posted today

Planned university reform seeks to improve cooperation with industry

Czech universities are set for the biggest change in years. After several failed attempts in the past, the Education Ministry is finalizing reform legislation that should help universities adapt to the changing environment; the reform seeks, among other things, to diversify the universities and change their financing. It should also improve cooperation between universities and industry. But how does the business sector see the ministry's efforts? In this edition of Marketplace, I discuss these issues with Jan Louda, a university relations coordinator at IBM for Czech Republic.

Report claims number of anti-Semitic internet posts is on the rise

According to a report annually compiled by the Jewish community in Prague, the number of anti-Semitic statements made on Czech internet in 2012 increased three-fold compared to the previous year. More direct actions targeting Jews, however, did not see a significant rise around the Czech Republic.

Czechs secure quarterfinal berth at Worlds

On Tuesday, the Czech hockey team faced a key challenge at the Ice Hockey World Championship: either defeat Norway or head home early. Aided by talented reinforcements from the NHL, the Czechs did the former: they won and they did so with style.

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