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News 5.28.2013

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News Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

By: Ian Willoughby

* A large fine has been imposed on a firm found guilty of pressuring
senior citizens into buying its wares.

* A new poll suggests the Social Democrats remain in front while the
Civic Democrats are gaining ground.

* The bodies of two new-born babies were found in a wooded area near
Olomouc on Monday.

Trade inspectors fine firm for manipulating seniors

The Czech Trade Inspection Authority has imposed a CZK 2.5 million fine
on a company that runs product demonstration events aimed at senior
citizens. The state agency found the firm 1. Ceska reklamni spolecnost
(First Czech Advertising Company) guilty of manipulating and exerting
aggressive pressure on seniors in order to get them to buy its wares.
It is the biggest fine levied to date for such practices, which have
been highlighted in a campaigning documentary film entitled Smejdi
(Crooks) and have received a good deal of media attention in recent

Poll: Social Democrats still lead while Civic Democrats gain ground

If general elections were held now, the Social Democrats would come
first with 32 percent of the vote, suggests a newly released opinion
poll from the Median agency. After slipping markedly in recent polls,
the traditional main force on the Czech right, the Civic Democrats,
would finish second with 18.5 percent backing, the new poll indicates.
The Communists would place third with 15.5 percent, just ahead of TOP
09 with 15 percent. The poll was conducted between mid-April and
mid-May. Elections are expected in just over a year's time.

Vehicles in Necas motorcade collide in Russia

Two vehicles in a motorcade taking Czech Prime Minister Petr Necas and
others to the airport in Russia's St. Petersburg collided on Tuesday.
At least one person suffered minor injuries in the crash, which was
likely caused by a technical fault. It was not the Czech delegation's
first problem with transport during their visit to Russia; the
windshield of one of two planes carrying them to Moscow on Sunday
cracked in the middle of the flight. The four-day visit, which has been
primarily focused on business ties, concludes in the city of
Yekaterinburg on Wednesday.

Schwarzenberg regrets EU failure to renew arms embargo on Syria

Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg has said he regrets the EU's
failure to renew an arms embargo on Syria. Mr. Schwarzenberg told Czech
Radio that since the EU had failed to achieve unity on the issue,
responsibility would now rest with individual members. The Czech
Republic, together with Austria, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands,
fought to extend the arms embargo; they argued that more weapons would
only lead to further violence and that it would be hard to control
where the arms ended up. Although Britain and France stood firmly
against the embargo they have made a commitment not to deliver arms to
Syria for the time being.

Funeral of war hero General Zdenek Skarvada held in Ostrava

Politicians, veterans and members of the public gathered in Ostrava on
Tuesday to pay their last respects to Brigadier General Zdenek
Skarvada, who died last week at the age of 95. General Skarvada, who
flew with the RAF, was one of the country's last surviving war heroes.
He was captured by the Nazis in 1942 and was held in several
prisoner-of-war camps before surviving a 1,000 km death march. After
the Communist coup in 1948 he was demoted and forced to work in mines.
General Skarvada received a number of decorations for valour.

Bodies of two new-borns found in woods

The bodies of two new-born babies were found in a wooded area by Paseka
near the Moravian city of Olomouc on Monday, a local police
spokesperson said. The cause of the deaths is not known and should be
determined by post mortem examinations. It is believed the corpses may
have been there for some time before they were discovered by chance by
a passer-by.

Authorities may make Prague's embankments more attractive to cyclists
and walkers

The authorities in Prague are to consider a plan to remove parking
spaces from some of the city's embankments and to make it easier to
cycle or walk along the River Vltava in the city. The proposals are
included in a document drawn up by the city's public spaces and
development offices. A final version of the plan for Prague's
embankments should be ready by the end of they year, though no possible
start date for renovation work has been set.

Vydra may miss key World Cup qualifier against Italy

The Czech striker Matej Vydra will undergo medical tests ahead of a
crucial World Cup qualifier against Italy in Prague on June 7, though
the team's doctors say he is unlikely to be ready in time. Vydra, who
was voted Player of the Season in England's Championship, picked up an
ankle injury on Monday while playing for Watford in their defeat to
Crystal Palace in the Championship playoff final at Wembley. Italy head
Group B with 13 points from five games. The Czechs have eight points
from the same number of matches.

Berdych makes shock first-round exit from French Open

The Czech men's tennis number one Tomas Berdych has made a shock exit
from the French Open in only the first round. Berdych, who was
considered a contender for the title, was beaten 7-6 6-4 6-7 6-7 7-5 by
local favourite Gael Monfils in just over four hours on Monday.
Monfils, a former world number seven, has suffered from injury problems
and is taking part at Roland Garros as a wild card.

Forecasters warn of storms on Wednesday

Forecasters have warned that heavy storms will hit the Czech Republic
in the coming days. The Czech Hydro-meteorological Institute said the
whole of Bohemia will be hit by strong winds, heavy rain and hail from
Wednesday afternoon until the early hours of Thursday. The storms are
then expected to move across the east of the country.


We should see sunny spells and some storms in the coming days, while
temperatures are expected to reach a maximum of 18 degrees Celsius.

Articles posted on www.radio.cz today

Highly-respected cycling mag Mountain Bike Action hits the stands in

Mountain Bike Action magazine has been published the US since the 1980s
and has become a symbol of excellence in reporting on everything from
the world's best trails and adventure biking to technical reviews and
tests. The magazine is on just its 3rd issue in Czech.


Drama at Vaclav Havel Airport as Czech top officials try to hold
extradition of Russian businessman

The dramatic circumstances surrounding the extradition of Russian
businessman Alexej Torubarov from the Czech Republic earlier this month
are making headlines amid fears for the man's fate in Russia. Since the
daily Lidove noviny broke the story on Monday it has emerged that
several cabinet ministers made a desperate though vain attempt to get
Torubarov off the Aeroflot plane just before take-off.


Zlin Film Festival kicks off 53rd edition

The Zlin Film Festival is one of the oldest in Europe, focussing
largely on movies for youth and children. On Monday it began its 53rd
year with screenings that included the Canadian feature film Pee Wee:
The Winter that Changed My Life.


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