Saturday, May 25, 2013

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Saturday May 25 2013 edition


The LINK Online

This is our 48th weekly edition of the Link online as we review some of our stories covered this week.

Senator Mike Duffyhas been dogged for months about his expense claims. © Devaan Ingraham-Canadian Press

On this edition. we start out with a political scandal still raging ...



Teen saves dog from cougar attack

A 16-year old boy says he heard a horrible “scream” from his black Labrador and looked out a window to see her in the grip of a cougar. The attack took place in the small town of Belcarra in the western province of British Columbia, known for its beautiful wilderness.

"It was terrifying, like a ...


Questions on two continents about Canada's Senate expense scandal

In Canada's House of Commons Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird faced off again repeated questions over a Senate expense scandal, while in Peru Canada's Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper faced similar questions while on an official mission to Peru.

At the centre of the questions, who knew what in the Prime Minister's office about a $90,000 cheque given ...


Nova Scotia students off to global competition

What better way to stimulate young minds than to give them a challenge.

An international competition called Destination Imagination does just that. The mission statement of the non-profit organization says the idea is , “To develop opportunities that inspire the global community of learners to utilize diverse approaches in applying 21st Century Skills and creativity.

The community of ...


Canadian history today - a focus on which history?

The decision by Canada's House of Commons Canadian Heritage to review Canadian history and the way it's taught immediately raised questions about the goals of the review by a committee dominated by Conservative government MPs.

The decision to examine how history was taught in different Canadian provinces was almost immediately dropped by the Committee. Education is provincial jurisdiction, not ...




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