Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cybermagazine - Saturday

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Saturday May 11 2013 edition


The LINK Online 46

For this week's show, Lynn, Wojtek, and Marc are back to present some of the stories that they found interesting this week


We start out with a story about shipwrecks. There are literally thousands of shipwrecks off Canada's east coast,  They are from all countries ...



Canada census survey results set off opposition party attacks

Normally census data results aren't the stuff of debate, but on Wednesday (May 8), the first release of 2011 Canadian census survey data set off questions both in the House of Commons and in the media.

The results of two surveys from the government agency Statistics Canada focussed on Canada's Aboriginal population, and on immigration, ethnic origin, language ...


Shipwrecks will be lost warns private operator

More than 10,000 shipwrecks litter Canada’s rugged Atlantic coast but the government is too poor to salvage them. Private operators would like to but cannot ever since the province of Nova Scotia passed a law three years ago making it illegal.

"The Steamship Pictou rescuing the ...


North-South Institute holds international conference on governing Africa's natural resources

This Thursday and Friday (May 9-10) Canada's North South Institute is hosting an international forum titled Governing Natural Resources for Africa’s Development.

The Institute, which focuses on international development around the world, has invited senior Canadian and African policymakers and government officials, extractive industry executives, civil society groups, diplomats, academics, and others to the Ottawa forum.

Among ...


Canadian researchers work to reduce salt in bread

Most Canadians don't realize that even if they don't add salt to their food, they're still consuming high levels of salt (sodium) in their bread and baked goods, and processed meats.

Another thing most don't realize is that the salt is not just merely for taste but to aid in processing.  The World Health Organization says Canadians are among ...




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