Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Radio Prague Today 4.9.2013

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Days of European Film festival in Prague celebrates its 20th anniversary

The Prague-based Days of European Film Festival is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. In addition the usual program of thought-provoking films from all over Europe, the organizers have introduced a new section of the festival and will hold special events in Prague to celebrate. The festival is starting this week, so for today's In Focus Radio Prague caught up with the program coordinator, Zdeněk Blaha, and asked him about the highlights planned for this anniversary year of the festival:

Margaret Thatcher remembered

Margaret Thatcher, the prime minister of Great Britain for 11 years and iconic 20th century politician, is being remembered worldwide, following her death on Monday at the age of 87. A largely polarising political figure at home, Thatcher was nevertheless highly-regarded by many abroad, not least opponents of communism who ranked her in importance alongside US president Ronald Reagan or Pope John Paul II. Radio Prague reports on how Mrs Thatcher is being remembered in Prague.

Publisher Alexander Tomsky: Margaret Thatcher had an avid interest in East European affairs

Publisher Alexander Tomsky is an expert on East European affairs who fled Czechoslovakia after the 1968 Russian-led invasion. He spent many years of his life in Great Britain where he lectured at London's Keston College in the years between 1979 and 1986, heading its Central European Affairs department. It was there that he met the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in person. In a brief phone interview for Radio Prague he recalled the late Mrs. Thatcher's interest in Central and East European affairs.