Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Radio Prague Today 4.3.2013

Articles posted today

President Zeman hoists EU flag at Prague Castle

Czech President Miloš Zeman has made a gesture to distinguish himself from his predecessor in the eyes of Europe. While the eurosceptic Václav Klaus refused to fly the EU flag, on Wednesday Mr. Zeman raised the symbol over Prague Castle in the company of the head of the European Commission. The recently installed head of state also ratified the eurozone's rescue fund.

Jágr moves to Stanley Cup aspirants Boston

Czech ice hockey legend Jaromír Jágr caused a minor sensation on Tuesday by switching clubs in the NHL shortly before the league's transfer deadline. After an impressive season with Dallas, the veteran star has moved to Boston, putting himself in with a chance of winning the Stanley Cup one more time.

Czech spas on the ropes

Czech spas are crying foul as cuts to public insurance payments threaten to put them out of business. The Health Ministry has reduced both the number of conditions eligible for treatment and the number of days patients can stay at a spa. On top of budget cuts implemented by health insurers, this has had a dramatic impact on many of the Czech Republic's 37 spa facilities. I discussed the situation with Martin Plachý of the Czech Spa Association.