Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Radio Prague Today 4.2.2013

Articles posted today

Parties begin outlining tax plans ahead of election year

The ruling Civic Democrats have, for the first time since forming the current coalition, begun to change tack on austerity. The once dominant right-of-centre party, which has taken a hammering in opinion polls, wants to lower taxes for employed pensioners as well as offer new tax write-offs for companies. The plan, however, puts the party at odds with coalition members TOP 09, in charge of the Finance Ministry.

Planned psychiatry reforms promise more tailored approach to mental health

The Health Ministry has released the first comprehensive plan for new reforms in psychiatry. The ministry is planning to decentralize psychiatric care and individualize the approach of mental health professionals. Critics, though, are worried that the planned changes will result in more patients falling through the cracks.

"Born" in pub, Prague Marathon now ranked among world's best

Next Sunday, over 12,000 people will participate in the Prague Half Marathon, the precursor to the internationally renowned full Prague Marathon, which takes place in mid May. The man who has made possible these events – and many more runs around the Czech Republic – is Carlo Capalbo, an Italian businessman who has been living in Prague for over two decades.