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News 4.9.2013

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News Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

By: Ian Willoughby

* Representatives of the Czech government, unions and employers are to
work on a plan aimed at boosting employment.

* The Czech president, Milos Zeman, says Margaret Thatcher was somebody
who also had respect for her ideological opponents.

* A unique exhibition of posters by the Czech Art Nouveau artist Alfons
Mucha is being launched in Prague.

* The Prague High State Attorney's Office has been fined for making
public the salaries of its employees.

* The final of the playoffs of Czech ice hockey's Extraliga between
Zlin and Plzen gets underway on Tuesday evening.

Tripartite to develop plan aimed at boosting employment

Unemployed people who start businesses that operate for at least two
years could receive a handout of up to CZK 80,000 from the state, while
firms could get support for employing parents part-time or the under
30s, as part of a wide-ranging government plan to fight unemployment
discussed by the government, unions and employers on Tuesday. A
commission comprised of representatives of the three groups - known as
the tripartite - are to work on developing the plan, which will be
discussed again on April 25.

Czech unemployment rate falls slightly to 8 percent

The unemployment rate in the Czech Republic fell from 8.1 percent in
February to 8 percent last month, according to figures released on
Tuesday. Some 573,875 people were out of work in the country in March.
Analysts said the slight improvement was down to seasonal factors and
pointed out that the Czech labour market was still beset by negative
trends linked to the overall economic development. The jobless rate in
Prague last month was 4.6 percent, the same as in February.

Zeman: Thatcher also respected ideological opponents

The Czech president, Milos Zeman, says the late UK leader Margaret
Thatcher was a person who also had respect for her ideological
opponents. Mr. Zeman made the comment in a telegram of condolence he
sent to the current British prime minister, David Cameron. In the
telegram, which was posted on his office's website on Tuesday, Mr.
Zeman, the former leader of the Social Democrats, also said "her ideas
were an inspiration to many of us" and that Mrs. Thatcher - who died on
Monday aged 87 - would rank among the greatest British politicians of
all time.

Mucha poster exhibition opens at Prague's Municipal House

A unique exhibition of posters by the great Czech Art Nouveau artist
Alfons Mucha is being launched at Prague's Municipal House on Tuesday
evening. The 116 works on display form an almost complete collection of
Mucha's poster art and are owned by the Czech-born former tennis star
Ivan Lendl, who has been collecting the artist's work for some years.
The venue is significant, as Mucha himself created some of the
Municipal House's murals in the early 20th century. The exhibition,
which is being described as one of the biggest art events of the year
in the Czech Republic, runs until July 30.

Data protection agency fines state attorney over releasing salaries of

The Office for Personal Data Protection has imposed a CZK 100,000 fine
on the Prague High State Attorney's Office for making public the
salaries of all its employees, along with their names and positions,
the news website lidovky.cz reported. For her part, state attorney
Lenka Bradacova has stood by her decision. She says the information was
released in response to a public request and that she acted in
accordance with a 2011 court ruling. Her office plans to appeal the

French school pupils returning home after fatal coach crash

More of the French school pupils hospitalised after their coach was
involved in a serious crash in West Bohemia on Monday morning are due
to return home on a special plane on Wednesday. Some members of the
group left for France on Monday night. One girl was killed when the bus
went off the motorway and fell onto an underpass. Among six people
seriously injured in the crash are a teacher, a driver and one of the

Man gets 30 years for burning woman to death

A man who deliberately killed an old woman in a fire has been sentenced
to 30 years in prison by a court in Liberec, north Bohemia. The court
heard how Kosovo Albanian Fadil David, who is 53, set fire to a house
in a village near Liberec knowing that inside was a woman of 81 who had
difficulty moving. She subsequently died trying to escape the blaze
after suffering burns on 80 percent of her body. The man had regularly
stolen from the woman, whom he had known for some years, and tricked
her into leaving her home to him in her will. The defendant has
appealed the verdict.

Winter 2012-2013 worse than previous one in terms of air standard

This winter has been considerably worse than the previous one in terms
of the frequency with which permitted airborne dust levels have been
breached in the Czech Republic, according to data released by the
Ministry of the Environment. Between October 2012 and March this year
there were only 48 days on which none of the country's 53 smog warning
stations did not record that dust levels had exceeded official limits.
The previous winter there were 74 days on which no such problems were

Prague's first trade fair for super rich to take place in September

Details of Prague's first luxury goods trade fair for the super rich
have been revealed. The Billionaire Fair will be held at the city's
Zofin Palace on the last weekend of September and will feature 50
selected high-end retailers, the organisers said on Tuesday. Interested
parties will have to register online and will be vetted as to whether
they merit an invitation to the event, for which the most expensive
tickets will cost CZK 25,000.

Zlin-Plzen ice hockey playoff final begins

The final of the playoffs of Czech ice hockey's Extraliga between Zlin
and Plzen gets underway on Tuesday evening. Zlin have only won one
Extraliga title in their history, while Plzen have never taken the
trophy. There is no love lost between the two clubs' fans, in part due
to an incident in 2005 when the then Zlin goalkeeper prevented Plzen
from scoring by moving the goal. The best-of-seven series is scheduled
to end on April 21, if not sooner.


It should be cloudy with rain in places over the next couple of days.
Temperatures are expected to reach up to 16 degrees Celsius.

Articles posted on www.radio.cz today

Days of European Film festival in Prague celebrates its 20th anniversary

The Prague-based Days of European Film Festival is celebrating its 20th
anniversary this year. In addition the usual program of
thought-provoking films from all over Europe, the organizers have
introduced a new section of the festival and will hold special events
in Prague to celebrate. The festival is starting this week, so for
today's In Focus Radio Prague caught up with the program coordinator,
Zdenek Blaha, and asked him about the highlights planned for this
anniversary year of the festival:


Margaret Thatcher remembered

Margaret Thatcher, the prime minister of Great Britain for 11 years and
iconic 20th century politician, is being remembered worldwide,
following her death on Monday at the age of 87. A largely polarising
political figure at home, Thatcher was nevertheless highly-regarded by
many abroad, not least opponents of communism who ranked her in
importance alongside US president Ronald Reagan or Pope John Paul II.
Radio Prague reports on how Mrs Thatcher is being remembered in Prague.


Publisher Alexander Tomsky: Margaret Thatcher had an avid interest in
East European affairs

Publisher Alexander Tomsky is an expert on East European affairs who
fled Czechoslovakia after the 1968 Russian-led invasion. He spent many
years of his life in Great Britain where he lectured at London's Keston
College in the years between 1979 and 1986, heading its Central
European Affairs department. It was there that he met the former
British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in person. In a brief phone
interview for Radio Prague he recalled the late Mrs. Thatcher's
interest in Central and East European affairs.


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