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Episode date 7 March 2013
Interviews and reports
Canadian alcohol consumption concerns researcher
A new Canadian study shows that Canadians drink more alcohol than people in two-thirds of the other countries in the world.

Researchers found Canadians consume 9.9 litres of alcohol a year per person. That compares to an average global consumption of 6.1 litres per person.

The three-year study by Toronto's Centre for Addiction and Mental Health was published this week in the online journal Addiction.  It examined drinking patterns in 241 countries and territories.

The study was led by Dr. Jurgen Rehm, director of CAMH's epidemiological research department. He says the results concern him--that too many Canadians drink too much.
Stompin' Tom: Canadian music icon 1936-2013
CBC vid grab
Canadians from across the country woke up to sad news today.  The man known to millions as Stompin’ Tom had passed away from natural causes at his home in Ontario. He was 77.

His story is well-known: born to an unwed teenage mother in Saint John, New Brunswick, raised by foster parents in Prince Edward Island; ran away from home at 15 and began hitch-hiking across the country doing odd jobs everywhere. 

Along the way he picked up a guitar and learned some chords. Then in his late 20’s at a hotel bar in northern Ontario and short a nickel, a waiter asked him to play a song for his beer. He immediately proved popular with patrons, and from that point he began a 14-month stint at the hotel, and then a lifelong career criss-crossing Canada singing songs about Canadian towns, the people, and legends. Banging his cowboy heel on the floor to keep time, he quickly earned the nickname Stompin’ Tom.
Cell Phones: Competition and Complaints
Photo courtesy of CBC/Fritz Faerber/AP Photo
Industry Minister Christian Paradis announced today that the federal government is opening up the wireless spectrum.  An auction of the 700 mHz bandwidth on November 19th is expected to increase competition, and improve rural mobile service.

The government is promising four providers in every region by limiting the amount of spectrum the big carriers can bid on.

In Canada now, three major carriers, Rogers, Bell and Telus control 94 per cent of the market.  This monopoly, guarnateed by lengthy contracts, has created one of the most expensive cell phone markets in the world with customer service that puts the stereotype of the “polite Canadian” to rest.

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Canadian legend Tom Connors dead at 77
(THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darren Calabrese)
Country-folk singer Stompin' Tom Connors, died Wednesday in Peterborough, Ontario at the age of 77. A spokesman said he died of "natural causes." Born into poverty in St. John, New Brunswick, in 1936, Mr. [...]
Charles Taylor Prize Winner
CP photo/Chris Young
On Monday evening Andrew Preston was announced as the 2013 winner of the Charles Taylor Prize for Literay Non-Fiction, for his book Sword of the Spirit, Shield of Faith: Religion in American War and Diplomacy. [...]
March Break in Canada
Photo courtesy CBC
Hundreds of thousands ofstudents in elementary and high schools across Canada are off school this week or next, for what̢۪s known as the March Break. [...]
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