Saturday, March 16, 2013

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Episode date 16 March 2013
The Link
The Link Online is your web radio show featuring a look back at a few of the stories that we felt were particularly interesting during the past week.

Along with your submitted stories as our “reporter for a day”, we also air some of your letters and voicemails, and answer questions you have about Canada.
The LINK Online (#38 Sat Mar 16,2013)
This week, Terry Haig, Wojtek Gwiazda, and Marc Montgomery present a several items of interest.

First we hear of the the Northwest Territories gaining new powers as the federal government signs a deal handing over some of its authority in such areas as resource control and development

Then, we have a story about the importance of exercise in order to keep the brain healthy and prevent or mitigate Alzheimer's disease.

Canada has a synchrotron, a relatively rare, huge and complex piece of research equipment. We'll hear more about what it is and what it does.

And still with research, an innovative new way to perform heart surgery getting accurate guidance for surgeons using GPS.

We'll also read some of your comments posted to us via email, and to the website itself.

As always, we hope you'll enjoy the show, and we also, always welcome your comments.
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