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Episode date 5 March 2013
Interviews and reports
Interactive site recalls historic Montreal
(Matthew Farfan Collection)
An innovative new website invites English-speaking people to submit their stories and pictures from Montreal’s past. The goal is to “chart the collected memories of English-speaking communities” through personal stories as well as factual history. The project is called Mapping the Mosaic.

There will be workshops and an official launch at the McCord Museum in Montreal on March 19th, but the site is already up and running.
Canada’s English-French divide giving way to East-West economic split, scholar says
Photo: CBC
Forget Canada’s two solitudes. The country once divided by language – French in Quebec and English elsewhere – is now defined as an East-West economic rift, according to Michael Mendelson, Senior Scholar at the Caledon Institute of Social Policy.

Mendelson says the economy once based largely on the manufacturing sector in central Canada – Ontario and Quebec – is now driven largely by the western provinces’ natural resource industries, especially Alberta and Saskatchewan.
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Ontario consumers line up to shop at first Target stores in Canada
(Justin Sullivan/Getty)
Discount giant Target has finally arrived in Canada.On Tuesday, the chain opened its doors in three communities west of Toronto and plans to open dozens more across the country in the following months.E[...]
Parents of young Muslims should be vigilant, mother of terror suspect warns
TheQuebecmother of a young Canadian suspected of terrorist activities says she no longer recognizes her son after he converted to Islam and was recruited online by a radical Islamist group. [...]
Trying to limit hockey injuries among children
Andrew Vaughan/Canadian Press
Many Canadian children play hockey and too many of them get hurt. Checking is a part of the game where players are allowed to run into each other with certain limits. That can result in head and spinal cord injuries. [...]
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