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Episode date 3 March 2013
Arts-Culture # 36 (Sun Mar 03, 2013) Six Shooter Records- Shauna de Cartier
This week, what's it like to run an indie record label? 

In fact imagine if you had no experience in it all, just a lot of guts, and some credit cards.

That's pretty much the experience of Shauna de Cartier.  She walked away from a succesful career and future in corporate marketing, and decided to get into the music business, managing a band...then form a record label.

Now with a business partner and a couple of employees, the company has been established for over a decade and doing very well.  They have several performers under contract, and also manage them and promote concerts, and publish music... Whew !

(Blog TO) Shauna de Cartier founder and president of Six Shooter Records, Toronto.

I hope you enjoy listening to my conversation with Shauna de Cartier.
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