Sunday, March 3, 2013

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Episode date 2 March 2013
The Link
The Link Online is your web radio show featuring a look back at a few of the stories that we felt were particularly interesting during the past week.

Along with your submitted stories as our “reporter for a day”, we also air some of your letters and voicemails, and answer questions you have about Canada.
The Link Online #36 (Sat Mar 02, 2013)
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Today we present some of the highlights of our story coverage this past week

Terry Haig joins me, Marc Montgomery, as we present some interesting stories.
we're calling one of them Fish fraud, when fish sellers, whether in grocery stores or restaurants, substitute a cheaper species of fish, for an expensive one...and is fairly common practice

we also have a story on some really smart kids, who may go on to do great things in the medical field, We hear a report on the Montreal Brain Bee..

also new research shows clear evidence that the arctic ice is receeding each year, but also getting thinner.

and anothe story seems to indicate men who have less control in their jobs, have greater risk of hypertension.. but its not the same case for women.

Hope you enjoy the show, and don't hesitate to drop us a line with your comments.
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