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Episode date 25 March 2013
Interviews and reports
Old Man Winter is growing shorter with age
A wag once noted that Canada has two seasons: winter and tough sledding. Not true. But at this time of year it can sometimes feel that way. Statistics show Canada gets more snow than any country in the world. It is the second coldest country--after Russia, and just ahead of Mongolia. So it's no surprise that at this time of year most Canadians--fanatic skiers aside--have had enough.

Spring arrived last week, at least on the calendar. Most Canadians across the country are crossing their fingers that the real spring--the air that surrounds us--is gaining a head of steam and will soon arrive with its message of renewal. And in fact, temperatures are warming up and breaths are slowly being let out. Winter boots are giving away to shoes that don't feel like they weigh 10 pounds each. Overcoats are being replaced by suitable jackets. But until May, Canadians know full well, the other shoe could drop at any time--a giant snow storm could arrive.

There’s more to Vancouver Maritime Museum’s exhibit than ‘whale bone porn’
(Vancouver Maritime Museum)
The Vancouver Maritime Museum’s (VMM) current exhibit, Tattoos & Scrimshaw: The Art of the Sailor, has dozens and dozens of interesting art pieces. But it is one small display, containing nine erotic engravings made on the teeth of sperm whales, that has been garnering attention lately.

Scrimshaw, as these etchings are called, were common in the 19th-century. They are carvings made by whalers on whale tooth or bone, using ship-made hand tools and tobacco juice for ink.

In the 19th century, the two main themes depicted in scrimshaw were nautical images and women, according to Patricia Owen, curator at the Vancouver Maritime Museum.
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Wild bird loses leg in golf accident, gets prosthetic limb
A sandhill crane was fitted with a prosthesis after it lost its leg in an accident at a Richmond, B.C., golf course. The bird’s leg was shattered after it was struck by a stray golf ball. By the time the crane was captured, the limb had died. [...]
Inuit to study polar bear denning habits in Nunavut
(Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press)
A group of Inuit in Clyde River, Nunavut, has decided to research denning habits on the north and east side of Baffin Island in Nunavut. They want to understand how many cubs are born in the dens. [...]
Cree walkersĂ‚ complete 1600-kilometre trek
Photo courtesy of CBC
David Kawapit and five friends left Whapmagoostui, a small Cree community on James Bay in early January. [...]
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