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Episode date 22 March 2013
Interviews and reports
Canada's 2013 federal budget: Many goals, fewer details
Two years away from an election, Canada's ruling Conservative government tabled a new federal budget Thursday (March 21) appealing to many different sectors of Canadian society. A budget critics say is not always clear on how goals would be achieved.

Calling it an economic action plan, rather than a budget, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty was optimistic about achieving the government's economic agenda.

The budget entitled Jobs, Growth, and Long-Term Prosperity covered a lot of ground in 442 pages, and will be debated for a maximum of four days in the House of Commons.

One of the big surprises was the government's decision to take the government's humanitarian aid agency CIDA - the Canadian International Development Agency - and put it into a new combined ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda has this report.
Prison solitary confinement policies draw experts to Winnipeg
The growing use of solitary confinement in Canadian federal prisons has a lot of people concerned. They say the use of segregation cells results in serious mental problems for the prisoners.

The use of segregation cells in federal penitentiaries has grown to 8,600 prisoners a year. That's up from 8,000 in 2010. On any given day in Canada, there are 14,700 inmates in federal prisons. Of that number, some 850 are in solitary confinement.

Opponents of the measures fear it will get worse as  Canada's Conservative Party government follows through on its get-tough-on-cirme agenda.
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Federal budget: Ministers fan out across Canada, Finance Minister off to Hong Kong
The day after tabling Canada's federal budget Thursday (March 21) in the House of Commons, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty was in the Pacific coast city of Vancouver, speaking to the Vancouver Board of Trade about the benefits of his budget. [...]
Manitobans bracing for major spring flood
(John Woods/Canadian Press)
The western province of Manitoba is still mostly covered with snow, especially due to a blizzard-like surprise storm this week which swept across the prairies, and left from 20-40cm of snow across most of southern Canada Temperatures are still below freezing as well. [...]
Costs of visa and citizenship applications will double
(CP PHOTO/Aaron Harris)
The cost of moving to Canada is going up. Federal government sources say application fees for Canadian citizenship are set to to double. So are temporary resident visas for tourists, international students and workers. [...]
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