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Episode date 21 March 2013
Interviews and reports
Earth hour: Climate change awareness
It’s called Earth Hour, an annual event where for one hour, non-essential lights are shut off as a symbolic energy saving gesture, 

There is virtually unanimous scientific support for the realization that the earth is warming and climate is changing in places around the globe.  That support also extends to the idea that man’s activities is fueling the changes through our huge consumption of energy, along with wsuch other climate altering activities like deforestation,

In 2006 The World Wildlife Fund in Australia began thinking of a way in which citizens could participate in a symbolic gesture  to governments to raise awareness of climate change.  In 2007, the major urban centre of Sydney made the headlines as it took up the challenge and became the first city to shut down most of its non-essential lighting for one hour. 
Although intended originally to be expanded nationwide, the idea quickly caught international attention.  By 2008, dozens of other cites around the world joined in, and many more have participated every year since then.

Canadians were early and enthusiastic participants.

This year Earth Hour will begin at 8;30pm local times on Saturday March 23rd.
On second last day on job, Parliamentary Budget Officer talks to RCI
"Nobody here thinks they're a hero...we have a job to do to support parliament," says Kevin Page, Canada's first Parliamentary Budget Officer, in an interview with RCI.

For five years the veteran public servant has had one goal: to make sure Members of Parliament and Senators had the information they needed to vote on legislation.

His determination to get at the facts, even if they contradicted official government positions, won him supporters across Canada, and criticism from government MPs and cabinet ministers.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda talked to Kevin Page on his second last day on the job (March 21) about the challenges of the last five years.
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Canada's development agency CIDA to be merged into Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development ministry
A newly merged ministry that includes foreign affairs and international trade will now also include Canada's development agency CIDA - the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). [...]
Yukon councillor wants territory to take control of historic sites from Parks Canada
(The Canadian Press)
Budget cuts are behind a new issue in CanadaĆ¢€™s northern Yukon territory. The federal agency, Parks Canada, has control over many historic sites and artifacts in the territory. [...]
Giant Pandas bound for Toronto Zoo
Courtesy of Toronto Zoo
Toronto zookeepers are putting the finishing touches on the new home theyĆ¢€™ve built for their very special guests, five-year-old female Er Shun and four-year-old male, Da Mao. The pair of Giant Pandas is expected to arrive in the city on Monday. [...]
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