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Episode date 14 March 2013
Interviews and reports
Human colony on Mars in 10 years?
(Space Exploration)
Canadian seeks a place on a one-way trip to Mars

Its always been the mysterious red planet and the subject of countless science-fiction novels, including stories of human colonies on the "red planet". Now a Dutch group wants to turn that science-fiction into reality and actually send the first human colonists to Mars.

The Dutch-based group, called "Mars One", is comprised of  members all having strong credentials in space-related fields. The plan is to send four people to Mars by 2023.

Once on their way, the volunteers would never return, instead living the rest of their lives on the distant planet

Living quarters and other materials would be sent beforehand for the colonists, with supply rockets being sent every two years. The organizers hope much of the funding would come from creating a  global reality show.

Thousands of people have already sent applications to the “Mars One” group, even though the competition has not officially begun.

Dr Andrew Rader, an aerospace engineer who has worked on several space related projects for Canada and the US, recently won the reality show, “Canada’s  Greatest Know-it all, in a competition requiring intellect, stamina, and teamwork.

He wants to be one of the first Mars colonists.
Tall wood building going up on Canada's west-coast
Image courtesy of MGA
Architect Michael Green is a champion of wood, tall wood.  From his Vancouver-based company he says it is time to re-think building several storeys into the sky using newly engineered massive timber.

Elsewhere around the world, tall wood buildings have been welcome additions to the skyline.  London, England pioneered the development with a nine-storey condominium building.  In 2009, it took just an hour to sell all 29 units.  Then a seven-storey building went up in Sweden.  Melbourne, Australia has bragging rights for the moment, with a 10-storey apartment building, but Austria is thinking big with plans to construct a 30-storey wooden tower.

Michael Green says here in Canada, while they have engineered a 30-storey building, they will begin this year, with a 6-storey building in Prince George, British Columbia.  It will be home, appropriately enough, to the Wood Innovation and Design Centre.

"I've been in love with this material since I was a kid."

A year ago Michael Green produced a report called, The Case for Tall Wood Buildings, for the Canadian Wood Council.  In it he states: “A typical North American timber-frame home captures about 28 tonnes of carbon dioxide, the equivalent of seven years of driving a mid-size car or about 12,500 liters of gasoline."  Added to the environmental benefit, the rising cost of steel and concrete, give tall wood construction economic advantages.

Think tank: Focus of government budget should be people not deficit
Growth and not austerity measures should be at the heart of the next Canadian budget according to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA).

In their 19th annual Alternative Federal Budget the Canadian think tank suggests the "federal government does not have a debt problem, but the economy has a growth problem."

It quotes a former Clerk of the Privy Council: "How did fiscal health become more important than human health?"

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda talked to CCPA's senior economist David Macdonald who coordinated the Alternative Federal Budget.
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Skater Patrick Chan thrilled with world-record performance
Photo courtesy of CBC/Frank Gunn/CP
Going for a third consecutive World Figure Skating Championship title, Toronto's Patrick Chan made his mark in London, Ontario last night breaking a world record. [...]
FLQ member Paul Rose dies.
Paul Rose, one of CanadaĆ¢€™s most notorious figures, died today of a stroke. He was 69. [...]
Pride, disappointment, relief as Canadian cardinal not chosen as Pope
In his tiny hometown of La Motte people were proud that Cardinal Marc Ouellet had been talked about as a possible candidate for Pope. But his family was somewhat relieved when Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was chosen. Some Canadian Catholics were disappointed. [...]
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