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Episode date 13 March 2013
Interviews and reports
Canadian elected to governing council of Global Tax Justice Network
Dennis Howlett, the executive director of Canadians for Tax Fairness, was elected to the governing council of the Global Tax Justice Network (TJN) on Tuesday (March 12) in Lima, Peru.

The TJN is a non-partisan network of organisations around the world promoting tax justice.

Canadians for Tax Fairness promotes fair taxation and calls on governments to eliminate off-shore tax havens which cost Canadians billions of dollars every year.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda talked to Dennis Howlett on Wednesday, the day after his election to the TJN.
Canadian takes command of International Space Station
(Dmitry Lovetsky/Reuters)
Astronaut Chris Hadfield is the first ever Canadian to assume command of the giant space lab orbiting the earth.  He is only the second commander to not be of Russian or American nationality. The naming of a Canadian speaks to Canada’s role in helping build and run the International Space Station.

Hadfield has used social media to publicize the space mission by extensively tweeting text and pictures from space and conversing with students by videolink. He also co-wrote and recorded a song from space linked  with Ed Robertson of the group Barenaked Ladies.
Canada's world-class research facility in Saskatchewan
It’s a relatively rare, complex, extremely sophisticated  integrated technological system. It’s called a synchrotron, and there are only about 40 of them around the world.

They have proven to be invaluable research tools in the fields of biology, chemistry, medicine, environmental research, superconductor development, developing more powerful microchips, creating new alloys for aviation, and the list is almost endless in terms of scientific

However, most Canadians don’t know what a synchrotron is, nor what it does. 

They also don’t know that Canada joined this elite scientific club when several years ago the country built a synchrotron facility  which opened in 2004.  Nor do most people realize that in its short history, the facility has resulted in hundreds of scientific advances in dozens of research fields.
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Powerful magnets a danger to young children
(Consumer Product Safety Commission)
Paediatricians are warning parents to be aware of serious health hazards posed by small magnets. In the past, small ferrite magnets generally posed little problem when swallowed by children. [...]
Huge tribute to Stompin Tom Connors
(Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
He wanted it to be a celebration, not a wake, and a celebration it will be. Thousands of fans from across Canada are in the city of Peterborough Ontario today. [...]
Former astronaut ends leadership bid for Canada's opposition Liberal party
Former Canadian astronaut and Member of Parliament, Marc Garneau, announced Wednesday (March 13) he is dropping out of the leadership campaign of the opposition Liberal Party of Canada. The Liberal party will elect a new leader on April 14. [...]
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