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Episode date 12 March 2013
Interviews and reports
Canadian advance in fight against viruses and autoimmune syndrome
(courtesy Dr Nagar)
McGill and CeMM (Austria) scientists use Saskatchewan CLS synchroton in discovery

It’s an important advance towards treatment of viral infections and potentially in virus-based drug delivery for cancer treatment

The body produces defences against viral incursions, but some viruses are more resistant than others. The virus invades a cell and uses its machinery to replicate and spread while at the same time evading detection from immune response by the body's cells

However to facilitate this replication of their genetic code, the virus need proteins.  While some proteins are used to help, the body also produces others to hinder the process. One group of these are known as IFIT proteins. They prevent the virus from making copies of itself, presumably by latching onto the end of the virus' genome.

This new research was designed to discover what the protein looked like, and how it did its job in preventing a virus from replicating and spreading to become an infection.
Canada’s prison system fails Aboriginals, says watchdog
(Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press)
Aboriginal people are vastly over-represented in Canada’s federal prison system, and the "crisis" is growing reported Howard Sapers, the correctional investigator.  And he was dismayed that the Correctional Service of Canada was “very dismissive” of his report.

Aboriginal people make up four per cent of Canada’s population, but they make up 23 per cent of the prison population. That figure is up almost 40% over the last four years.

Calling the statistics alarming, Sapers issued only the second special report ever written by the investigator since the office was created 40 years ago. In a news release he stated “my review concludes that the federal correctional system perpetuates conditions of disadvantage for Aboriginal people in Canada.
Students want Canada's government to reduce student debt
Canada's largest student organisation, the Canadian Federation of Students, wants the federal government's next budget to make post-secondary education in Canada more affordable.

The average student's debt in Canada is about $28,000.

The federation feels this is a important obstacle to students who have just graduated, and so the federation is calling on the government to implement policies that would relieve the financial pressures on post-secondary level students.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda spoke to Jessica McCormick, the National Deputy Chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students.
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World's best pizza; from Canada?
Newfoundland restaurant in contention There are probably thousands of pizza restaurants claiming to make the best pizza pies, but there actually is a competition to settle the matter. [...]
Cardinals take oath at start of conclave to elect new Pope
(Photo Radio Vatican)
Cardinals in Rome have begun the process of electing a new Pope with the taking of an oath in the Sistine Chapel. Placing their hands on the Gospels each cardinal said "And I, N. Cardinal N., do so promise, pledge and swear. [...]
Magnotta preliminary hearing will be open to the public
(Mike McLaughlin/Canadian Press)
A judge has decided to allow people and reporters into Luka MagnottaĆ¢€™s preliminary hearing. There will however be a publication ban on the hearing as is usually the case. [...]
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