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Episode date 11 March 2013
Interviews and reports
Physical activity mitigates Alzheimer’s, study shows
(Eric Risberg/Associated Press)
Senior Canadians who are active are 38% less likely to develop this degenerative brain disease than are those who are inactive. That means more than one in seven cases of Alzheimer’s could be prevented.  And for those who already have Alzheimer’s being active can improve their quality of life.

Ontario Brain Institute researchers analysed 871 research articles from around the world to reach these conclusions.  The institute’s president, Dr. Donald Stuss said the findings confirm what many in the medical and scientific community have long believed: “that there is a direct relationship between physical exercise and relieving the onset and devastation of one of Canada’s fastest-growing diseases.”
Canadian northern territory closer to controlling resource development
(Photo: CBC video)
Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced a deal to give Canada's Northwest Territories control over lands and resource management.

He made the announcement in Yellowknife , the capital of the Northwest Territories on Monday (March 11).

The 'devolution' agreement passes on many of the federal government's powers to the territory, much as Canada's provinces already have.

Most Aboriginal governments in the territory have agreed to the new deal, but not all. They are concerned about ongoing negotiations on aboriginal land claims.

There will be a year of consultation before the legislature and Canada's House of Commons vote on the final agreement.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda has this report.
Scott Brison, Nova Scotia MP plans immigration strategy to help province's wineries
CP file photo/Andrew Vaughan
Wine making is a growing endeavour in Nova Scotia.   Opposition Liberal Member of Parliament, Scott Brison, says when he was first elected in 1997 there were two wineries; now there are 14.  And they need several more to supply the grapes to meet the demand. 

Targeted Immigration Strategy

Scott Brison says it is time to take a lesson from the past.  During the 1950’s, the provincial and federal governments worked together to welcome families from Holland.  They ran ads in Dutch newspapers inviting people to emigrate to the maritime province to farm land that they either leased or bought outright.  Brison says the program was a great success, and a similar plan is needed now for the wine industry. 

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Quebec's Corruption Inquiry leads to a suicide
Photo courtesy of Radio-Canada
Robert Rousseau, a senior manager in a Montreal borough, was found dead in his home on Saturday, a day after he was interviewed by investigators for Quebec's anti-corruption unit known as UPAC. Robert Rousseau was the director of the division of permits and inspections. [...]
Pothole Woes
Photo courtesy of CBC/Matthew Brown
It's that time of year again in Canada, when drivers have to be extra careful watching the road ahead for potholes. A man from the Montreal area drove through a huge one as he exited a busy highway last night. [...]
Canada's economic indicators point to 'weak growth': OECD
Canada's leading economic indicators suggest continued weak growth according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). [...]
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