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Episode date 10 March 2013
Obesity panel urges junk food restrictions for children
(Chris Young/Canadian Press)
Childhood obesity is such a big problem in the province of Ontario, that a special panel is advising the government to ban the marketing of junk food to kids under 12. This is one of 23 recommendations made by The Healthy Kids Panel created to find solutions to what it calls “a crisis of obesity.”

“We know that kids today are fatter, rounder, weaker and less flexible than they were a generation ago….” said Kelly Murumets, co-chair of the panel. "We know that childhood obesity rates have tripled in the last decade.” In 2004 27.5 per cent of Ontario children between the ages of two and 17 were overweight or obese, according to the report.
Arts-Culture #37 (Sun Mar 10, 2013) the late great Stompin Tom, comment by Tim Hus
(Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press)
This week on the programme, a look at one of Canada's best loved singer-songwriters.

Tom Connors died this week of natural causes at age 77. After a hard start to life, and almost at the bottom, he got a strange break..a chance to sing for his beer. From there he went on to write songs about working Canadians, their lives, the towns and the cities they knew. 

For many, this "Canadianism" was something that had long been lacking. Although the music industry and media, marginalized him, he slowly became the people's hero.

This week, some of his songs, and a conversation with country singer Tim Hus, who was the last performer to go on a coast to coast tour with Stompin Tom Connors.

I hope you enjoy the show, and as always, I welcome your comments.  There are a few photos if you click on "More"
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