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Episode date 28 February 2013
Interviews and reports
University to end association with Chinese Institute
(University News)
One of Canada’s most prestigious universities is ending its association with a Chinese cultural programme.  There are hundreds of Chinese funded “Confucius Institutes” around the world, including at a dozen universities in Canada.

McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario, which had such a programme, has decided to terminate its deal with the Chinese over concerns of discrimination in hiring practices.
Vatican Transition
St. Peter's Square, Rome
The bells were tolling in St. Peter’s Square and in churches around Rome this morning.  This afternoon they began ringing in Castel Gandolfo, Italy, as Pope Benedict XVI made the transition to Pope Emeritus.  His 8-year reign as the head of the Catholic Church came to an end. 

"As you know, today is different to previous ones," Benedict told an emotional, cheering crowd welcoming him in the small town of Castel Gandolfo, "I will only be the supreme pontiff of the Catholic Church until 8 p.m. and then no longer. I will simply be a pilgrim who is starting the last phase of his pilgrimage on this earth."  Then he turned and went inside the papal villa, his temporary home until April, when a renovated convent in the Vatican will be ready to become his retirement home.

It’s a move in the Catholic Church that hasn’t happened in 600 years.  But for the 1.2 billion Catholics around the world, many of whom are sad to see the former Cardinal Ratzinger step down, it is also an opportunity for renewal.

BC MP hoping to bring petition change to Parliament
Canadians would be hard-pressed to remember a time when two of the country's most-forthright politicians--Preston Manning and Ed Broadbent--agreed on much of anything. A rookie Member of Parliament from British Columbia has managed to accomplish what many might have thought the impossible.
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Unusual and somewhat daring rescue
vid grab Ian Waugh
Somehow a deer and her fawn found themselves out on sheer ice half way out in Antigonish Harbour Nova Scotia. The doe had slipped and fallen and simply could not get a grip on the mirror-like ice to stand up and was getting weaker and weaker in her attempts. [...]
Newfoundland hamlet ready to call it quits
(Adam Norman/Wikipedia)
After 200 years, the hamlet of Little Bay Islands, Newfoundland is willing to call it quits. The picturesque community which looks out into the north Atlantic has applied to the provincial government for “resettlement�. [...]
Wiggins is One to Watch
Courtesy of CBC/Sam Forencich/Getty Images
Andrew Wiggins celebrated his 18th birthday last week and when he graduates from high school this year, he'll be moving into the spotlight in a way he can't begin to anticipate. [...]
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